Sunday, 15 February 2009


*snaps at the fingers of anyone who thought it'd be funny to poke me while I was yawning and vulnerable*

Reeeeading Weeeeek. Sort of busy still, but nominally a holiday. Wooooooo. Okay I am so tired. And I have spent the last few MONTHS being tired, so bear with me until I've slept some of the tired off. I'd say June. :-)

Mahy fat status: Still chubby. Jane said Herstmonceux science centre or the castle or something accepts donations of fish who've outgrown their tanks to put in a pond/moat.


Dreary Evanscence doesn't help sleepyness.

Red hair presumably imminent. :-)


Alright, alright, I'm going to bed, silly body. Quit complaining. It's only 11.

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