Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow post!

Soooo... I'm still in Hastings. We had freakin' huge amounts of snow - the likes of which I haven't seen in years, and apparently no one else has either... Because the roads became unusuable - if only because of all the noobs on them if you *are* a good driver in the snow, and the trains backed up ridiculously. A result of which was my parents said absolutely no getting on a train to get stuck in Barnham or the likes in the freezing cold for untold hours, depending on how much the trains get borked up by ice on the line. And as no one was expecting this much snow, apparently it means no one was ready for it. It was all over the news how London is completely unworkable in this weather, and Hastings is also near enough to have caught some of the worst (which never happens ) so leaving is the problem - though they did apparently close Brighton uni, so maybe Chi was closed as well... I don't know, I didn't look at the portal page today. But apparently it is better the further west you go. Or something like that. In any case it snowed endlessly all day, and I haven't checked the news or rail website for a good few hours. Anyway, I have to get up at 5am to get to the uni in time for my lecture - I'm determined to go, because it's Creative Writing and I really don't want to miss it... I just don't know how good the rail is going to be when I actually get to the station first thing tomorrow morning... *sighs*

So I did make two different snow men today. And, uh, played a lot of WoW, and not much else really. Bit of a dud day between all the running around "Wow it's snowing!" moments. I probably should have done some reading for Creative writing, but I figure I can do that on the train if I can ever get on one.

Anyway, I figure even if I can't get back to Chi in time for that, I'll make it as far as Brighton to see BJ and Bekah as planned. Even if it means lugging my weekend bag around the whole time as well.

Gah, the snow should not mess everything up as much as this... *sighs* silly unprepared people... No one expects England to get this much snow, I think, so when it does happen it's like, "OMG panic!" and then everyone's headless chickens, and drive planes off the runway in confusion, etc.

*feels sort of sleepy* Maybe I should just go to bed, seeing as I have to get up so early... *siiigh* Feels too far away to worry about now, but it's going to seem way too close when I'm actually at the point where I need to wake up and get to the station.

Will probably lie awake for ages though.

Right, better pack everything up, and be ready to leave then.

Bleh. Tomorrow's going to be an odd day...

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