Sunday, 8 February 2009

It comes in cans...? I'm getting one!

Hi Melisende_D_Upheaul! It's been 1408 (wow, that's a big number) days since you joined Xanga... won't you support us by going Premium?

Also I'm alarmed that I can totally overlook that little ad bar now. It's like completely invisible to me, even though I'm still using the old home like I was 1600 days ago (back when I started my Gsnurd xanga)...

Yeah, I'm at home at the moment, in that lovely little void of Nothing Ever Happens. We went out and saw The Reader at the Hailsham cinema (which is miles away, but apparently the nearest place showing it? It would have been Hawkhurst in the other direction. Says a lot about how lame the Odeon in Hastings is that we have to go out to piddly little towns with publicly owned/agressively independant cinemas to get to see, you know, the big films winning all the BAFTAs?). And I've written a bit of Embers and Elves... Finally printed out the timetable. And I'm aaaaaalmost on Day 4 of typing up, so once again will be on the same day I'm writing in the notebook. I think the days are speeding up as they get used to the schedule, and I run out of tiny minute by minute details that I actually want to repeat.

Also, Oasis comes in cans. I totally didn't know this. It isn't even fizzy. It's just Oasis. In a can.

Mahy is so freakin' huge I'm scared he'll climb out the tank and eat me.

Anyway, back to the typing up... I'm getting excited about typing up the Medwin and Or'wenn bit.

Oh, and my Freewebs site spectacularly broke on me, so I ended up completely re-doing it... Which ended up with me having to repost aaaaall of Embers and Elves. So in fact only parts 1-4 are on there now, whereas I was uploading scene 88 when I broke it.

So if you want to read it, now would be a good time to bookmark it. I'll probably do an every other day uploading schedule like I've got on FP. Except this is now way behind. Come to think of it, there are a load of people on FP who probably aren't reading it for being freakishly behind. Maybe I'll stick the link in my signature and advertise the fact I've borked the sight back down to 4 parts.

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