Friday, 6 February 2009

the height of the dotted line is essentially "skankiness of girl"

Back in Haaaaaastings. *clings to it* I can stay here for tonight, saturday, sunday and some of Monday. That is basically half the week. :) Only 2 full days, but 4 in total out of 7 where I am in Hastings at some point of the day. I like this arrangement. Though sooner or later I'm going to be forced into staying to work on essays and projects and stuff. Blah. Make the most of it during Beginning of the Semester Slack Off Time.

Besides, my mum just brought me up some brownies. *is happy and full of chocolate*

Datasticks/stickpins/thumbdrives/memorysticks... What do you call them? *was discussing this with my mum and we thought of just those four variations off the top of our heads* Seems the language can't keep up with the speed at which technology is introduced into our lives. For example, the blurring of whether a "notebook" is any laptop, or a very specific type of laptop. I'd ramble about it more but I'm all distracted and hyper from sugar.

It was weird and sort of cool to catch up with all my webcomics - I had up to four or five strips to read for some of them. This is because I can never remember the web addresses for all but the ones I've been reading since the dawn of time.

Also Mahy is getting exceedingly fat.

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