Thursday, 12 February 2009

*sits around in the library*

There's a really weird guy on the computer next to me - he's totally turned his screen around and is sitting all hunched up in the corner away from everyone. Who knows what he could be looking at? Although everyone who's sat on that seat today seems to have angled themselves towards me, as he has, so out the corner of my eye it looks like he's starting at me, and then I realise he's just moved his computer screen around. The other guy who was sitting there was sitting forward, but really far back, and I'm convinced he kept glancing at my screen. Anyway, this dude looks pretty cool - he's got a bobble hat and big glasses and massive earphones. But whatever, it's creepy to have someone sort of not staring at you the whole time *feels watched* I really don't like working in public places like this, especially now I've remembered there's a mumps epidemic going around. But whatever, I'll risk it for my lovely internet connection. I came to sit at the back of the room so there would be no one behind me, even though I doubt anyone would actually care what I'm writing... I'm just paranoid like that.

I woke up stupidly early this morning - eight o'clock... On my day off! Blah! I ended up sitting in bed writing for the next four hours. I really want to work on one of my novels which are all cluttered up on my datastick, but I just don't have the energy. Embers and Elves takes no thinking at all to write, and now Cloud People just feels like some massive effort to work on. Maybe I'll force myself to start doing it at some point, but I just... Can't motivate myself to do it at the moment. Embers and elves is getting massive as well - i haven't done a word count recently, but I know it's huge. It works out about 1000 words a scene, and I'm on 105 now.

*swivels my swivelly chair*

I am actually rather bored... No one seems to be online. Blah. Thursday must be everyone else's busy day. Which isn't fair, because I want people to taaaalk to! I mean, I only walked all the way out here lugging the massive great embers and elves notebook so I could sit somewhere with an internet connection so I could socialise with people who I miss a great deal during the week, and now none of them have the decency to be online!?

*is totally exaggerating there... I don't mind*

Ooh, I have licorice in my bag.

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