Thursday, 29 January 2009

La la la la... *feels vaguely under pressure to write* This is technically my first Blogger blog entry, as I just started one to keep track of Rebekah, who can't be arsed with Xanga and goes for the more high brow option, but as I am lazy I am just copying over my Xanga entries as of now, but now I KNOW I'm doing it, so I'm really self aware of the fact this is a first entry even though it's like well past my 1000th entry here on Xanga... Soooooo this is going to be beyond surreal once it's copy pasted over to Blogger, but at this point I don't care.

Anyway. I've been talking to Bekah on Skype all evening, and I'm consciously blogging for her at this precise moment, so it feels weird repeating all this, but whatever. You Xanga people are apparently interested enough in my life to drop by from time to time, so I shall say it all anyway.

So this morning it was my day off from lectures and I was like, "yay sleep in" so I stayed up sort of lateish (3 or so... Nothing serious ) and then at nine am Jet texted me out of the blue asking to use my printing credit at the uni library as she doesn't have a printer. So I didn't get my lie in after all, and felt worse than I do in the mornings when I have lectures because I hadn't even gone to bed vaguely early either. So I trekked around town with her afterwards. Then I got home and just sat on my floor staring at the back cover of my anthology for about half an hour as my brain caught up with its sleep even when I was still technically awake. Then I sort of woke up a bit and stood up and took all my stuff downstairs and camped out in the kitchen where it is warm and cocoa or coffee is always on hand if I can be bothered to boil the kettle.

Oooh, but I did buy corn on the cob while Jet was away at her meeting she needed the paperwork for and I was still waiting for her, and so that made my dinner all the more awesome for having a really tasty vegetable in it. Though the sausages I have from sainsbury's are super yummy as well. I must get them again, or at least not the cheap icelands ones. Nice enough, but now I've remembered what decent sausages taste like.

I'm going hoooome tomorrow after my lectures, as I get Mondays off I get a nice long weekend sleep in, theoretically. So depending what time I manage to drag myself out of bed for Torture to Terror, I may not actually use the internet again tomorrow until I'm home. I mean, I *want* to hop eagerly out of bed, considering the subject, but no matter how exciting it sounds, the thought of leaving my warm den of a bed hurts too much to actually step into the cold to get dressed. I may sleep with my clothes for tomorrow, and get changed under my duvet, then all I need to get out of bed for is to brush my hair, grab something to eat, and leave.

Not that that would be at all practical, but whatever. It's cold.

Anyway, I'm reading war poets now for Modernism after Torture to Terror... I should also read all that stuff on the Aztecs he gave us... I can't actually remember which bit is for the seminar, but it's all really interesting, so I figure I'll read it all, and then which ever bit we're meant to be thinking about, I'll be sort of prepared, and have more background knowledge as well. I mean, really. It's a subject called torture to terror, of course I'm going to try hard in it.

*must remember to justify the text now because I set my theme to be centered, and I intensely dislike centered text which isn't titles or poems or whatever.*

I'm still resizing photos from our Weald and Downlands Open Air Museum trip, so you'll see them later.

Well hello blogger :)

Woo I am a blogger blogger! *dances*

I guess I'll mostly just post my Xanga posts here... This is mostly so Rebekah can follow my dull, cold life. :-D

And so I can stalk her across the internet as well. Wooo.