Sunday, 1 February 2009

Let's see if this crosses over smoothly from Xanga...

So... I'm sort of interested in doing a webcomic, as I may have rambled about quite a lot in the past. Of course, I'm still not the most wonderful artist, but practice is always good, and I can get all my mistakes out the way now... So here is my first full-length comic relating a humous situation what happened about 3 minutes before I opened Artrage and started doodling.

I'll post a thumbnail, and you'll have to click it to see the full-size image - posting it full size on my blog will be pointless as it will just get cut off due to having a theme.


(Edit for Blogger: Wooo! It worked! It worked! *hops around happily* Great, I was worried I'd have to figure out how to link an image on this blogging system, which... Wasn't looking forwards to. :-P)

(As far as I know, Xanga images are open for everyone to see, as Emma uploads all her signatures and art for Fictionpost on Xanga. Pls tell me if you can't see it.)

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