Thursday, 5 February 2009


I had a nice post about it on Xanga, but as I'm using IE instead of Firefox, it got totally borked when I copied it over to Blogger. So I'll just put all the photos here in a lump, and then the two ends of the Xanga entry that were nothing to do with the photos. :-P

*eats a Penguin bar and stares at the screen* It's sort of uninspiring being in a library like this. All I've done is type some stuff up since I got here, rather than writing anything new. Have caught up on internets stuff again. I do miss talking to people at random hours of the night though.

So my housemates are discussing buying a proper internet connection. We'd need a landline installed and it would be money, but then we would have internet, and it might be slow because we can't afford much internets, but at least it should be reliably anywhere in the house, if we stick the hub in the hall. I hope we get that soon.

In the mean time, I have Weald and Downlands photos on my datastick! I've only resized them, I haven't messed with the contrast and lighting etc, which is annoying me a little as it was such a dull day, but whatever. here they are.

So anyway, those are some of my pictures, only a whole week and a day after I took them. I don't normally let chaos get me SO badly out of shape when it comes to my procrastination. Hence determindly marching up to the university to procrastinate while we have no internet access at home. I will procrastinate on a schedule if needs be.
Note for blogger: Aaaaargh, IE and Blogger are a terrible combination. Ick. Ick ick ick. I hope I never make another picture post while I am separated from my beloved firefox!

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