Thursday, 12 February 2009

*sits in the library and listens to a group of people talking veeeeery slowly through some sort of feminist theory on sexual identity, like they hardly understand the words they're reading, let alone the theories they're talking about* *twitches* this is why I don't really like sitting in libraries... Soon someone's going to start annoying me, by being dumb in a way they really can't help, but is still grating to me.

So let's see, I had another adventure getting back to Chi, as I met Jane in Eastbourne for a shopping trip on the way back. I have now joined the ranks of people wandering around wearing converse-style shoes. perhaps a bit late? I don't know. Don't really care either. They were £4, and my current £3 tennis shoes are now verging on unwearble, never mind permanently damp, so I bought slightly larger shoes, for a slightly increased price. I think, though, that the £3 - £4 quality line marks a sudden increase, before you reach the plateau of not very noticable quality differences between £5 --> over £30 or something, when you can *tell* even crappy style shoes like this are deliberately expensive and well-made, though no one in their right mind would buy them when you can get some in the same style for FOUR FREAKIN' POUNDS. Basically, I've worn these two days now, including a walk through a muddy field (3 times!) and soooo far, the rubber isn't peeling, the laces aren't turning to mush, and they fit my feet nicely still. So woo. Perhaps I will continue hopping onto trends, if they keep turning towards practical. I do maintain though that I should never wear anything that in 5 years time will make me look back and laugh hysterically, so basically all I wear these days is jeans and varieties of jumper and t shirt, as the current fashion trends are laughably awful. As it is I'm a bit dubious about these shoes, as the shape does make me snigger a little, but I figure as long as I keep wearing really long baggy jeans over them, I don't have to keep looking down and seeing I'm wearing them, as all I can see is a perfectly acceptable white rubber toe and black fabric up to my trouser hem, which is about an inch and a half of exposed shoe altogether...

Yeeeah, I did just sit and type about my shoes for like five solid minutes... I'm sort of bored here. I won't start rambling about the other pair of shoes I bought... Yes... Primark is now officially wearing a label of "Amazing!" because it sells so much cheap stuff that is, if you overlook the rather chavvy chains that also pop up in there, pretty decent a lot of the time.

The remaining two boys are back in the house now. Let me illustrate this for you: I've spent 3 1/2 weeks back now, and the kitchen has been pretty nice - I sat in it for most of that time, because it was warm and had an internet connection, and the worse it ever got was a long line of dishes around to about the oven from the sink. I walk in on Monday night, and there is... Just pure, horrible mess on every surface - bowls of uneaten cereal, dirty tomato-stained plates, bowls, pans, trays, mounds and mounds of wrappers and packaging... Jars on the floor, open biscuit packets, bread open and lying around. They'd taken the shelves out of the fridge, and left things like my egg noodles and pancakes on the floor under the counter. It was like they set out to trash it or something, because I honestly can't imagine how it got so bad in what was probably less than the whole weekend. They tidied it all up Tuesday night, but that doesn't excuse the panic attack at it all that I had every time I walked into the kitchen for the rest of Monday and almost all of Tuesday.

Also I will be dying my hair red next time I go home. Woooo. Like proper red, all over. And I think it's permanent too. I may highlight the front with pink if it looks a bit duller than I'm hoping though, as the blonde will still presumably turn up lighter.

*hums* There was something else I was going to say, but I can't remember what now. But yikes, it's four thirty already... I could swear I haven't been here that long.

Edit: Oh, I drew this some time a week ago or so.

(clicky to see it bigger)

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