Sunday, 1 February 2009

Yikes, it's February.

Suddenly all my deadlines are a lot closer just because it's not January any more... Who cares if it's only 2 days since I last thought about it?

*Is nice and safe at home in my nice warm bubble in front of my computer*

Mahy is noticably fatter than he was before. *pokes the fat fish* I'll have to start drawing him differently. He is almost round.

Also I keep thinking it's Sunday, which is a testament to how weird and different an evening spent at home is to a morning in Chi - they feel like such different days I can't believe that it was only Friday yesterday. I'm here until Monday, as that's when my train ticket is activated and I can use the return. So I actually can't leave Hastings before then. Unless my dad drives me back and I waste all of £3 which was the extra between a single and a long-time return.

Anyway, I'm in a mood for typing up Embers and Elves, so I'm going to do that... Once again I've reached a point where I sort of want to type up everything I've already got before I continue, because once again it feels I'm at a stopping point. It's not that it's a short time since the last one... Just that I've written loads and loads since the last stopping point and covered several really important plot things and basically got to the point where I have actually no real plot to sustain me until the School Trip subplot, but it's okay, cause the more I look at it, the more there actually is to write in the way of subplots... I just need to get my head together and make a list of all the different things that need to be happening around their timetables for the next two days.

Edit: Awww, no, I just remembered I'd resized all my WDOAM photos, went to My Pictures to upload them, and remembered they were all back in Chi. :/ Yaaaay. *sulks*

Monday evening, I promise. Hold me to this. Poke me if I forget again.

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